COVID-19 Update: Reopening

Following on from the Prime Minister’s announcement and advice from the LTA, we are delighted to report that we are now able to allow the courts to be used again from Wednesday 2nd December. Several restrictions are still in place, so we outline below our understanding of the guidelines and the way in which they need to be applied to our club for the time being.

Who can play:

  • Full adult and junior members can play singles and doubles with any other full adult or junior member of the club.

General guidelines:

  • The clubhouse will be open for toilet use and hand washing only.
  • Teas and coffees can be made in the kitchen (one person at a time) but must be consumed either outside (in groups of no more than six) or indoors at a table by themselves or with another member of their household. Please ensure you wipe down surfaces and utensils and wash up and put away your cups.
  • Please always wear a mask whilst inside the clubhouse unless drinking tea or coffee.
  • The online booking system will be used to ensure that everyone has equal and fair access to the courts, please do not play without booking a court through this system.
  • Floodlight tokens will be available through any committee member.
  • Anti-bacterial hand gel is available at various points around the clubhouse and grounds.
  • Players should continue to operate the “one-way system” when entering and leaving the grounds. As you face the clubhouse from the car park, please enter by the left-hand gate and exit by the right-hand gate.
  • Everyone must continue to adhere to social distancing guidelines as specified by the government.
  • We have not yet had specific guidance on mix-ins or club nights, but we think we should be able to carry on with these if people are not socialising, and the bar is closed. We will update as soon as we hear any further guidance on this.
  • Please remember to scan the QR code when at the club and/or sign in when attending mix-ins and club nights.

Online booking system:

  • Will be open on Monday 30th November at 7.30am to book courts for Wednesday 2nd December.
  • All 7 courts will be available to book from 8.30am to 10.00pm.
  • Members can now book a court for up to 1 hour and 30 minutes in a single booking slot. Do not book 3 x 30-minute slots as this will use up all your booking credit. Instead book 1 x 1hr and 30-minute slot. Please use the drop-down box (or + button if using the ClubSpark Booker app) to select the duration.
  • Members are currently restricted to two bookings in any two-day period.
  • The booking sheet for the following day becomes available from 07:30 daily.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to the person booking the court (please have this accessible when you go to play for verification if required).

We are sure that everyone will be delighted to get back on court, albeit without the social side of the clubhouse bar being open. Hopefully, this will change in due course.

In the meantime please follow the guidelines above and use your common sense and understanding to keep everyone as safe as possible whilst enjoying some tennis, and rest assured that as soon as restrictions can be lifted we will do so again as we have done before.

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